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Choose from a selection of Violet Voss false eye lashes

Violet Voss lashes are gorgeous and perfectly dramatic.

Violet Voss created Triple Stacked Lashes so you don't have to do it yourself. 100% Faux Mink with gorgeous layers and style Cruelty Free and Vegan Ultra Flex Band

Choose from

  • Sexy ad Eye Know It (limited edition)
  • Just Slayng (limtied edition)
  • Eye Donot Care (limited edition)
  • Black Magic
  • Vamptress
  • Dolls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Striptease
  • Eyes DGAF
  • Wisp it Real Good
  • Unicare Flare
  • Wispy 4 Days

Can be reused if cared for,


Synthetic Hair Black Magic, Dolls Just Wanna Have Fun, Unicorn Party,  Eye DGAF,  Striptease, Vamptress,
Natural Hair Wisp It Real Good,  Wipsy 4 Days

Pro Tips: Align lashes along natural lash line. Trim lashes to fit eyes.(Typically they will be the same length) Hold both ends and move back and forth in U shape or wrap around finger. (This will help conform any pair of lashes into the perfect fit) Apply glue to lash band till glue is tacky. This will take about 30 seconds. Place mirror flat on the table. Place both elbows on the table for support. Apply lashes to lash line.

  • Violet Voss Eye Lashes

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