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Phee's Makeup glow highlight powder in majestic rainbow highlighter form.

The Rainbow Glow highlight powder comes in a protective compact.

These durable compacts are perfect to take with you on holiday or to festivals over the Summer to keep your highlight powder safe.

Each compact comes with a 59mm pan product and includes a large mirror in the lids.


  • Phee's Makeup Rainbow Glow Highlighter

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Phee's Makeup Rainbow Glow Highlighter Reviews

  • Love

    By on

    I own 8 of Phees highlights. I'm a huge highlight addict. I own over 70 all together now. Everything from ABH to Jeffree star to sleek. But Phees remains my faves right now. This rainbow one is the most stunning wearable rainbow highlight you'll find. I loved it so much i went and got every shade in it in singles. These aren't subtle. These are so glowy you could knock small aircraft out of the sky they're so shiny! I adore these and wear them often. But direct to get the loose original glow powder or the pressed version. Those are just incredible! Her marbled highlights are stunning too. I honestly don't have a bad word to say. The fact they are handmade in the uk makes it even better. I'll support Phees brand for as long as she makes highlights!

  • Lovely

    By on

    Quite pricey, but looks great. Super glowy, you can use it as a rainbow or individual colours.
    Not sure if it has a lot of product or not as the packaging makes it hard to see how deep the pan is.
    It's my first rainbow highlighter so I don't have a point of reference to compare it to.
    But compared to other highlighters I do believe it's very expensive, so I won't be repurchasing most probably.
    If you can afford it though definitely go for it!