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The Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics skin concealer is a must have for complexion perfection! This versatile product is suitable for digital photography, HD tv as well as every day wear.

The OCC skin conceal is paraben, petroleum, fragrance and silicone free as well as nourishing and hydrating the skin with cocoa extract, aloe vera extract and Vitamin E. 

Available in 12 multi ethnic shades.

Suitable for vegans.


Choose from :-

  • R0 - palest red based skin tone
  • R1 - pale red based skin tone
  • R2 - medium light red based skin tone
  • R3 - medium dark red based skin tone
  • R4 - dark red based skin tone
  • R5 - darkest red based skin tone
  • Y0 - palest yellow based skin tone
  • Y1 - pale yellow based skin tone
  • Y2 - medium light yellow based skin tone
  • Y3 - medium dark yellow based skin tone
  • Y4 - dark yellow based skin tone
  • Y5 - darkest yellow based skin tone



  • OCC Skin Concealer

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