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Introducing OCC's Pro’s Picks: Portables!

This 12 piece set includes some of OCC's most popular and most mixable Lip Tar test tube shades in both Matte and Metallic textures.

This set is great for longtime Lip Tar lovers who want their favorite shades on the go, or for kick-starting a brand new obsession! The Pro’s Picks: Portables set includes: -

  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Interlace’ (Palest créme peach)
  • LIP TAR / Metallic in ‘Zhora’ (Peach with pink shimmer
  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Annika’ (Pale peach neutral)
  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Cha Cha’ (Pale tangerine)
  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Grandma’ (Clean classic coral)
  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Vintage’ (Deep burgundy)
  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Harlot’ (Neon popsicle red)
  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Nylon’ (Neon bubblegum pink)
  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Hoochie’ (Vibrant magenta)
  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Digitalis’ (Pink-tinged lavender)
  • LIP TAR / Matte in ‘Sebastian’ (Plum-toned taupe)
  • LIP TAR / Metallic in ‘Lovecraft’ (Pink with lilac shimmer)
  • Full sizw  #010 Precision Lip Brush
  • OCC Pro Pick Portables 12 Test Tube LipTar Set

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