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  • LA Splash Art-Ki-Tekt Waterproof Slim Eye Liner Chromate

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LA Splash Art-Ki-Tekt Waterproof Slim Eye Liner Chromate Reviews

  • My favourite pen liner, probably

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    I long wanted to try pen liners, and made the mistake of starting with MAC's, which is translucent and rubs off my foul, oily lids in a matter of seconds. I was irritated and vowed never to try pen liners again, until Kat von D lured me in with her lovely Tattoo Liner, which I was delighted with and used to a tiny, dry nub.

    But the time came to replace my beloved nub, and I stared forlornly at the total-post-shipping at my Sephora basket. Why? I cried, shaking my fists to the sky. Why must I literally exchange my teeth for gold bullion in order to buy an eyeliner, good though it is? I wailed. A friend cut through my grief, waving LA Splash's adorable gold Art Ki Tekt liner. "Look," she said. "It's good, and the packaging is nice. You like shiny gold things. Please stop crying, it's 10.30am and there are frightened children."

    So I trundled forlornly over to Cocktail Cosmetics Dot Co Dot You-Kay and bought one. I received him in the post in mere hours. I held him in my hands. He was indeed very pretty: shiny and gold and thin. "You may not be as good as Kat Von D's liner," I said to him, "But I will love you regardless, because I have not had to literally sell a kidney in order to afford you."

    And you know what? This is a better product than KVD's Tattoo Liner. It doesn't split on very flexible areas of the face (I use it for my eyebrows on account of being One Of Them Goths) and it doesn't transfer. It also takes a little longer to dry, which means you can work with it for longer and correct mistakes easier, which I actually appreciate because I can barely see and my hands are disobedient.

    I love this liner so much I could weep. And I'd be able to weep freely, as it is completely waterproof. Now it is out of stock on this website and I can't find it anywhere in the UK. Are my torments beginning again? Will I actually have to sell a kneecap this time? We shall see. The story continues...