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This dual-sided Z Palette is the ultimate tool for customising and organizing make up.

Featuring a durable, reinforced clear window and open-face, magnetic base on each side, the double-sided Z Palette allows you twice the storage while still keeping all of your make up in one easy place.

Extra-strength magnetic closures on each side ensure the double-sided Z Palette will remain securely shut, no matter which side is facing up.

Each side of the double-sided Z Palette is comparable to the large side Z Palette.

Whether you organize eye shadows on one side and blushes on the other, or foundations on one side and powders on the other, the combinations are truly endless!

Metal Stickers Included: 40pcs (20pc Round, 20pc Square)

Measurements - Length Outside: 8.06 Inches Width Outside: 4.94 Inches Depth Outside: 1.06 Inches Length Inside: 7.44 Inches Width Inside: 4.13 Inches Depth Inside: .25 Inches - Each Side 

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Double Sided Z Palette Reviews

  • Doubly brilliant!

    By on

    Gives you twice as much storage for your depotted powder and cream cosmetics. This is such a great product and if you are happy to depot, cuts down on the amount of packaging of different cosmetics and gets rid of the need to search for your favourite products. Helps you organise your cosmetics and keep them in one place. Having two seperate compartments enables you more space and encourages you to condense your products to the essentials. Products can be easily seen and more importantly, used!!! The only downside, powder products can create dust, but a quick wipe over with a baby wipe allows the pallette to be kept clean. You can organise the palette as you choose and could keep one side for powder products and the other for cream. Strength of the magnets is great and the lids on either side are secure. Totally brilliant rework of the official Z Palette. A bit pricey perhaps but you will get a good amount of use from this product. Great for travelling but I put mine into a cosmetics bag just to offer a bit more protection.