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Power trip - deep crimson with a hint of brick. Would you believe us if we said we're in love?

Lip Fondants go on with a mousse-like texture and dry completely matte.

Apply a thin coat and allow the product to dry down completely before adding additional layers.

For the longest wear possible, avoid foods with oil.

Vegan and Cruelty Free 


  • Caked Makeup Power Trip Liquid Lipstick

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  • £14.00

Caked Makeup Power Trip Liquid Lipstick Reviews

  • This shade!

    By on

    This shade is so pretty like a red brick shade very similar to other shades that are on the market but this one seems to be one of my favoured ones. The texture is soft and mousse like, love it . Applying one coat can be enough and its light on the lips to wear not sticky. These all seem to have 'cake' smell to and its delightful. Make sure its totally dry after each layer if you need it and no need to touch up during the day unless you eat something oily. Small amount of transfer but barely anything to worry about.

  • Amazing

    By on

    Pricey but amazing!
    If you love matte lipsticks and warm tones this is a must.
    It does transfer a bit though.
    However, the colour is so beautiful that it's worth it

  • Not the same after a few months

    By on

    I have had this lipstick for 3 months now, and I have to admit the consistency changed, a lot.
    Not sure what is going on with the formula.

    It was already drying, but now it feels a bit more uncomfortable on the lips.

    You can reapply during the day without it being too clumpy, but it's better to remove and reapply.

    The colour is still beautiful -even though a lot darker than the picture.

    But for £14 I was expecting MAC or Jeffree Star quality. Which I didn't get.

    I will not repurchase, but I don't regret my purchase.

    It's just not a formula I would have chosen if I knew how it ages.