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Use the Barely Definer Soft to create a flawless complexion on which to build more defined finishes with your Barely Definer Hard

  • Ideally used for base products, moisture, primers, foundations, concealers and cream or liquid highlighters and blushers.
  • Suitable for use with all liquid, cream and powder cosmetics
  • Its custom design shape, makes easy work of tidying up lipstick and eye shadow to create defined edges to your Make-up
  • Perfect tool for create light, medium or heavy coverage’s
  • Latex free and odour free making it perfect for sensitive skin
  • Washable and long lasting (Wash regularly to avoid bacteria build up) 

For best results: Squeeze in warm water about 5 times before use. Make sure the sponge is only slightly damp before applying cosmetics to the face. Blot excess water off in a towel if needs be. By wetting the sponge first it creates a larger surface area, meaning quicker application times, and reducing make-up absorption resulting in your foundation lasting longer. Use our sponges in a bouncing motion, this method allows foundation to blend better to the skin and makes base products appear as part of the skin.

  • Barely Definer Soft Sponge

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