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The Barely Definer Hard sponge is used to put definition back into the face. A key feature of this sponge is the fact that it’s the ideal tool for highlighting, contouring and guiding.

  • It’s sharp edges make easy work of creating High Definition make-up looks
  • The Perfect Flicked liner is easily achieved thanks to its guiding edge
  • Creates sharp finishes to your brows, eye-shadow and lipstick
  • Latex free and odour free making it perfect for sensitive skin
  • Washable and long lasting (Wash regularly to avoid bacteria build up)
  • Suitable for use with liquid, cream and powder cosmetics

For best results: Wet with warm water, then squeeze so that the sponge is just a little damp before use. This increases the surface area, allowing for quicker application times and also stopping the sponge from wanting to absorb product.

  • Barely Definer Hard Sponge

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