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Rich rosewood glossy-to-matte liquid lipstick gives a deep maroon lip that has a matte, opaque finish.

Aromi Liquid lipstick goes on like a regular lip gloss, but dries to matte, velvety finish about one minute after application. This formula is designed to last for hours and does not transfer or smudge once it is dry. This liquid lipstick formula is a long-lasting lipstick that will last longer than any lipstick, lip balm, or lip gloss.

Directions for use: Apply liquid lipstick to bare lips with wand. Allow up to one minute to dry. Once the liquid lipstick is dry, lips will have a matte appearance.

Vegan and cruelty free.


  • Aromi Beauty Rich Rosewood Matte Liquid Lipstick

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Aromi Beauty Rich Rosewood Matte Liquid Lipstick Reviews

  • Gorgeous vegan lipstick!!!

    By on

    Anyone who is hesitating on buying this lipstick..get it. It is such a gorgeous maroony red, which goes on so easily, dries to matte incredibly fast and smells lovely (almost a vanilla/chocolate scent). Sooo happy with this purchase!

  • Awesome lipstick!

    By on

    This lipstick is beautiful, a deep wine red. It was a bit difficult to apply at first (especially since it was my first time using liquid lipstick), but after some practice and cleaning up with a q-tip, it looks gorgeous! It smells great too, kind of like vanilla. Brilliant lipstick colour for the autumn/winter season!