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Vintage Beauty

11th June 2014

Vintage Beauty

Some looks are timeless, they never go out of date and the vintage Pin Up look is the most enduring of them all.

Worn by icons such as Marilyn Monroe, to Dita Von Teese today, the classic red lip and feline flick combination never dates and exudes glamour.

For the true Vintage fan, this will be a daily look, whilst for others this is a look for special occasions but it is a look that suits pretty much everyone.

In order to create this look there are four main areas of focus. Brows, lips eyelashes and base.

Starting with your base, matte is preferable, but not essential. Whilst we are not all blessed with perfect skin, having a perfect base is an important step for this look. Looking ultra groomed is key.

Apply your foundation, and conceal any blemishes using your usual products.

The next step is eyeshadow. The focus for the eyes is the winged liner so eyeshadow should be soft and simple. Choose a champagne or light shimmery shadow to open up the eyes and apply all over the lids. Then choose a soft mid brown and apply to the crease only, making sure to thoroughly blend.

Next we want to fill in and enhance the brows. Comb them through and then apply your chosen brow product. We would recommend a brow powder or eyeshadow applied with a fine angled brush for absolute precision.

Now it’s time to apply the flicked/winged/cat eye liner. A liquid liner is the most effective for this look. Getting a perfect flick can take some practice, but a useful tip is to use a sticky note from the corner of your eye into your hair line and use this as the basis for your flick. The Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eye Liner is perfect as it dries fast and lasts all day.

False lashes might not be best for every day wear (but if you want to, why not!) but for a special occasion or a night out, these will really enhance the look.

Applying false lashes can take practice and time, but once you’ve got the technique you’ll be flying. Gently apply a small amount of glue along the length of the lashes and let it dry for about 20-30 second before applying the lashes to your eye.

Next apply some blusher. For day time, opt for a natural hue, for evening, bright pink is fabulous.

The defining touch for a true vintage pin up girl look is the red lipstick. Choose a shade that suits your skin tone, but make sure it’s an unmissable shade. Line carefully with a red lip liner and apply the lipstick with a brush for absolutely precision. For a matte look, try NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pure Red, and for a more classic finish, try Lime Crime Candyfuture Lipstick in Glamour 101.

Get ready to wiggle those hips and flutter those lashes, the lady is a vamp

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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