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Vegan Guest Blogger

7th November 2012

Vegan Guest Blogger

Growing up, I always had a firm belief that animals should be treated fairly and with love. At age 8, my school art project for Thanksgiving is a drawing of a turkey saying, "Eat everything but turkey, please!" At 10 I started doing research into PETA and animal testing processes and regulations and used every chance I could to learn more and speak out about these practices. While I haven't always been vegan, I have always been passionate about animals. When I went vegan, it made sense to me to not just change my diet but to also change my lifestyle. This is how I ended up turning Logical Harmony into a blog that promotes an animal friendly lifestyle as well.

I believe that everyone has their own reason for going vegan. My reason for going vegan is that I simply could not say that I cared about animals and their treatment when I continued to support industries that promoted animal cruelty. Not just the meat industry, but the cosmetic industry as well. While cruelty free cosmetics are a great place to start, they often still contain ingredients that come from dead animals. You can read more about this by learning the difference between cruelty free products and vegan products (http://www.logicalharmony.net/cruelty-free-vs-vegan). I didn't want to take part in this aspect of the industry either. If I wanted to lead a truly animal friendly and cruelty free lifestyle, I knew that I needed to lead a vegan lifestyle. It's been incredibly rewarding and a great learning experience.

My body has never felt healthier than it does now that I am vegan. I used to have bad skin and various chronic health problems.  Eliminating animal products from my diet fixed these right up. My body has also settled into what I believe is it's natural weight. I listen to my body a lot more than I used to. To ensure that everything I eat is vegan, I always read the ingredients. Not only does this mean that I'm aware of every of everything that I put into my body, but also how these things make me feel. This allows me to really listen to what my body needs. It craves real food, and there are plant based answers to any other craving that I may have.

For me, it's also not just about my diet but also my spirit. Once learning about all cruel treatment of animals in the dairy and meat industry, consuming those products just seemed wrong. It felt like consuming all the horrific acts and the feelings of the animals as well. Russell Simmons does a great job of explaining this in his article Why I'm Vegan (http://ellen.warnerbros.com/2010/12/russell_simmons_why_im_vegan_1210.php). By choosing a vegan lifestyle, and not using products that contribute to this, I'm doing even more to keep suffering out of my body and spirit. I want to grow as a person and develop my full potential through positive means. Having a vegan diet and lifestyle is just another way to help me do this.

It's never been easier to go vegan than it is now. Whether it's getting recipes, book recommendations, or suggestions on the best bronzers out there, the vegan community is very helpful and welcoming. As it becomes more popular (everyone from Russell Simmons to Ellen Degeneres talk openly about their vegan diets) there are more and more resources available. There has really never been an easier time to go vegan!

Veganism is important for many reasons. Not only is it helping out our cute and cuddly animal friends, but it's also helping out your body and the environment as well. There are so many reasons to go vegan and it gets easier and easier all the time. There are so many resources out there - books, blogs, Twitter accounts, vegan starter kits, and more! Not only that, but there are so many animal friendly options available. You really do not miss out on anything by living a vegan lifestyle! All you are doing is helping to create a positive change. Not just in yourself, but also in the world.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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