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Sprouts are not just for Christmas!

29th October 2012

Sprouts are not just for Christmas!

We’re nearing the end of October and marching steadily on towards the Festive season. We just love Christmas at Cocktail Cosmetics - glitter, sparkles, cosy log fires and most of all family time.

Highlight of the most important day of the year is the traditional turkey dinner and trimmings – yum! Think of Christmas dinner and what immediately comes to mind to spoil it – soggy sprouts!

We think of Sprouts and think of our lovely Sprout skincare range – just as good for you as those misunderstood green veg. 



The Sprout skin care range is the brainchild of Adina Grigore, who whilst looking for products to suit her very sensitive skin decided to make her own from natural ingredients.  Adina uses only five ingredients or less in each product with no nasty additives  or preservatives.

We start our day with the Sprout cleanser and toner which leaves our skin super clean and feeling silky soft. Followed up with the Sprout cream mositurisor and that’s it, we’re ready for the day – not a soggy sprout in sight!

If you'd like to try these truly natutal skin care products you can find them here

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