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3rd September 2014


How to Cover a Spot!

It happens to the best of us. We’ve got a date/job interview/lunch with friend/postman at the door and we wake up and there it is, the mother of all spots on our face.

We all have friends who brazen it out, showing it off to the world, seemingly not giving a damn, but for some, blemishes can be a cause of great anxiety, making it hard to leave the house and wanting the ground to swallow them up, convinced everyone is looking at the spot on their face.

Here’s our tried and tested method for covering up those blemishes!

This really works best on un-squeezed spots. Not only does a squeezed spot take longer to heal but a bump or whitehead is much easier to hide in this way than a scab, so please try to resist the urge to squeeze. This method can be used on bare skin, but if you wear foundation, apply your foundation first.

So what you’ll need is: Cream Concealer such as the NYX Cosmetics Cream Concealer Stick Loose Powder such as the Neve Cosmetics Nude Finishing Powder Concealer Brush such as the Sigma F68 Pin Point Concealer Brush Eyeshadow Brush such as the Sigma Domed Utility Brush


  • Step One Load your concealer brush with concealer by stroking it across your concealer stick, you just need a thin layer.
  • Step Two Starting at the middle of your spot, cover it with the concealer. Then fan your brush out so that it covers the redness that radiates out from your spot.
  • Step Three Using a clean finger, pat very gently all around the edges of the spot. The warmth of your finger will blend the concealer into your skin or foundation. Try not to touch the centre of the spot.
  • Step Four Using your eyeshadow brush, dip it into your loose powder and tap off the excess, you can then light dust this over your concealer to set it.

You can of course use this method on any blemish or multiple spots but we would recommend making a visit to your GP if you have acne or problematic skin but for keeping spot prone skin scrupulously clean without adding extra products into the mix, we’d recommend the Konjac Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal, which is perfect for teen skin and those prone to spots, blackheads and outbreaks. It gently exfoliates, kills acne-causing bacteria, deep cleans and bamboo charcoal is a natural anti-oxidant.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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