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Spotlight on Ben Nye

22nd June 2015

Spotlight on Ben Nye

Benjamin Emmet “Ben” Nye Sr was an American make up artist in Hollywood for many years, from the 1930’s to the early 1980’s. He worked on over five hundred Hollywood films including classics such as Gone with the Wind, Planet of the Apes and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. When he retired in 1967 the Ben Nye Makeup Company began and the current CEO is Ben Nye’s son Dana.

The range is first and foremost created and aimed at professional make up artists and have been created using the family’s broad experience in the industry but it was only a matter of time that the word started to spread about the brand and their high quality products.

In part we can thank Kim Kardashian who is a fan of the products, in particular the powders, and when Mario D., Kim’s make up artist, set his famous contour and highlighted look with Ben Nye’s Banana Powder, it flew off the shelves. Indeed the powders are well worth looking into and we stock several.

The Luxury powders are micro-milled and silky smooth while the Mojave Luxury Powders are the same finish but warmer, for olive tones. All of the luxury powders are designed to set foundation, reduce shine as well as enhance the skin without adding ashy tone. For the Luxury Powders, each is translucent but with just a hint of colour. We also The MediaPro HD Matte Powder is totally translucent and as light as air.

We also stock the range of Crème Cheek Rouge. These multi use products are amazing value, weighing in at a hefty 7g far bigger than similar products from other brands. These gorgeous crème blushes can be used on top of foundation, or under foundation, they can be used as a primer for your powder blusher, or even as a stain for your lips, well worth adding to your kit.

We also stock several professional grade palettes.

  • The Glam Eyeshadow palette offers 12 wearable shades, each is matte and each is highly pigmented. Once again it’s worth noting the size of the pans, at 3.5g each pan is considerably larger than most well-known brands available.
  • The Fashion Rouge Palette holds eight shades of blush as well as contouring shades, again each shade is matte but not lacking in glow, in addition the palette is refillable.
  • The Lumiere Grande Brilliant Powder once again features the large 3.5g shades. This time however the shades are vibrant, shimmery and luminescent, this is a palette for anyone who love colour for the job that demands vibrancy.
  • The final palette we offer is the MediaPro HD Poudre Palette in Bella. This palette features 8 shade of pressed powders in the same range of colours as the Luxury loose powders. With finely milled powders in a refillable palette, you can contour, highlight, or finish your own or your clients make up with ease.

The history of the Ben Nye brand speaks for itself, when a brand has been around for this long, they are doing something right.

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