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Spot Light On Yaby Cosmetics

21st August 2013

Spot Light On Yaby Cosmetics

Yaby cosmetics was founded in 2007 by Canadian professional makeup artist Liz Yu.

As a makeup artist Liz had a large, overflowing collection of makeup kits and palettes but she found they were not functional for the professional makeup artist and began making her own palettes. Her problem with this was that she thought it didn’t look very professional as they were homemade. Also while working at the CN tower her homemade palette failed her and this left her very frustrated and she worried she had wasted a lot of people’s time.

This is when Liz had the idea for creating Yaby Cosmetics. She wanted to create professional makeup kits and palettes that were functional for makeup artists and that would minimise waste, therefore saving time and money. Yaby's products are affordable for everyone.

Yaby offers pre-set palettes containing everything from eye shadow to foundation and blushers. There are also empty palettes with different compartment sizes and a freestyle palette that can be used to store different kinds of cosmetics.

When creating the palettes Liz had organisation and function in mind. All palettes are magnetic which mean you can interchange colours and they come with pan refills and there are also different makeup tubes available. If you are working on a project that needs just pink colours then you can pop out the others and add different shades of pink as you wish. Palettes also come with a mirror and a stainless steel mixing plate so you can blend colours together until you get the desired shade. Interchangeable palettes mean a professional doesn’t need to carry round unnecessary makeup colours and equipment and it can all be neatly compacted.

Before launching Yaby, Liz took into consideration other professional makeup artists opinions and a survey was done. Liz then listened to the feedback and came up with a versatile range of cosmetics using her vast knowledge and experience in the industry.

Yaby colours are highly pigmented and have been proven to be long lasting and translate well on photographic and TV cameras.

The makeup containers can be sanitised and reused making them great for the environment. They also come in minimal packaging so there is no unnecessary waste. Yaby cosmetics are also cruelty free and vegan.

Yaby is not just a makeup artists favourite it has also become very popular with beauty bloggers and everyday beauty consumers. It is extremely popular in Canada and the USA and is regularly shipped to Asia, UK and other European countries.

Liz also owns Blur makeup room in Toronto which is run and operated by professional makeup artists. She is known for her flawless makeup finish and has worked on high profile TV shows and films. She lives and still works as a makeup artist in Toronto, Canada.

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