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Spot Light On Lime Crime

24th July 2013

Spot Light On Lime Crime

Lime Crime cosmetics was founded in 2008 by model, lifestyle blogger and makeup artist and Unicorn Queen, Doe Deere.

Doe was born in Russia and grew up in New York. Before founding her cosmetics business she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and studied fashion design and illustration. Half way through the course she dropped out to start her own label Lime Crime. This was around the time she started experimenting with makeup. She loved make up but couldn’t find the bright and daring colours she was looking for. It was also important to her that the cosmetics she used were cruelty free. 

During this time Doe was blogging about make up and sharing how to videos on her blog. She had a huge following and people waited for her posts and videos with anticipation. She then decided to start up her own company using the Lime Crime name and make the vibrant colours she was looking for herself.

Since she was a child Doe has loved anything to do with fairy tales and fantasy lands. She has even named herself the Unicorn Queen and the Lime Crime logo is a purple unicorn. She loves anything that embodies fantasy including mermaids and fairies and has even dyed her hair purple, her favourite colour. As a child she loved fantasy films such as The Labyrinth and anything including mermaids and unicorns. Doe also loves wordplay and uses it to name her products. Examples include New Yolk City (Yellow Lipstick), Jade-O-Lade (Jade eye shadow) and Orchidaceous (Violet purple).

As well as the vibrant pigmented colours Doe was passionate about making her cosmetics cruelty free and vegan. Today Lime Crime cosmetics are cruelty free and mostly suitable for vegans (Always read the labels). The company also makes a conscious effort to support local animal rescue charities and shelters. Lime Crime was certified cruelty free by PETA in April 2009.

Some of their top selling products include: Eye shadow palettes – Options include Aquataenia, d’Antionette, Alchemy and Chinadoll

Candyfuture lipsticks - Colours include Airborne Unicorn, Poisonberry, Mint to be, Contessa Flourescent and many more bold colours.

Zodiac cosmetic glitter – Transport yourself to Doe Deere’s magical unicorn fantasy land.

Uniliner liquid eyeliner – Colours include Lunar, Citreuse, and 6th Element. Lime Crime is all about being different and standing out from the crowd.

Follow your own rules and don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colours and looks. Create your own fantasy land. Doe now lives in Los Angeles with her husband Mark, who is also her business partner and her three cats. Lime Crime headquarters have also moved from New York to LA. She is still actively involved in creating new products and the running of Lime Crime.

She has said in interviews that some of her favourite Lime Crime products are her eye catching lipsticks and glosses, these include: Candy purple lipstick Airborne Unicorn lipstick Candy Apple lip gloss Doe was named one of the ‘Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs ‘by SELF-MADE magazine. You can follow her in her magical fantasy land at www.doedeereblogazine.com.

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