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Spot Light On Everyday Minerals

7th June 2013

Spot Light On Everyday Minerals


Everyday Minerals was founded by Carina Menzies who had the belief that cosmetics should not only be versatile and vibrant but also affordable to all.

As well as being relatively new to the cosmetics industry EDM are very inexpensive next to their competitors.

Everyday Minerals are committed to being an organic, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics brand. They have showed their commitment to being 100% cruelty free by signing on with PETA. Their products are tested on human volunteers and they do not do business with or use suppliers that use animals for their product testing. Everyday Minerals are also approved by the BUAV who are a leading authority in animal testing.

The company is bases in Austin Texas and they strive to conserve the local wildlife and plants in their area. Being an eco-friendly company means they build on their area of conservation frequently. They currently have 28 acres of land under their belt with an aim to have 1000 acres by 2015. They are a company who like to educate and get others involved in the environment. All of their products are crafted by hand for the personal touch and they source all their natural ingredients from local farms making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

It is a family run business and Carina creates all the new products. As they pride themselves on being innovative they have over 150 different colours on the spectrum. This means there is something for every skin tone and they are designed to be long lasting. Carina has been known to get her inspiration for new products from nature, art and fashion. This can easily be seen in the products and the packaging they come in.

Being organic and vegan means that their cosmetics are chemical free, so they do not contain parabens, talc or any other chemicals that are harmful for the body and the environment.

Their packaging is sustainable and designed to prevent waste. Each pot is made in a way that doesn’t release too much of the product and can be tightly sealed when not in use. They use bamboo and soft synthetic fibres for their makeup brushes which have proven very popular with consumers. All these things are what make them cost effective and a favourite brand for makeup lovers.

Everyday minerals are suitable for all skin types and are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. They have even created products based on what their customers have asked for and made have them easy to apply. Some of their most popular products include their bamboo makeup brushes, mineral foundations which come in a satin or matte finish and their array of eye shadows. They also make custom kits and sample kits if you are unsure of the correct shade or coverage you need.

Carina has been noted as saying her favourite Everyday Minerals products are:

  1. 1. Little black dress eyeliner
  2. 2. Everyday bronzer
  3. 3. Mint colour corrector

What are your favourite Everyday Minerals products?

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