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Spot Light - Aromi

6th February 2017

Spot Light - Aromi

Aromi Beauty make several products but there’s no escaping that the products we love most, and those we stock, are the liquid lipsticks.

Available in both matte and metallic formulas, the colour range is extensive and popular.

Founder, Hannah Follis was a chemist by trade and wanted to do something that combined her love of chemistry, with her love of beauty products. Hannah began working in chemical product formulation in the fragrance industry, but began making her own perfumes, cosmetics and beauty products in her spare time and when friends started asking for Hannah’s products Aromi was born.

Being a huge animal lover, the range is cruelty free and vegan and every single product is formulated, poured, and crafted in their own laboratory in the USA. They source, formulate, manufacture and ship all of their products themselves, making them a truly independent beauty brand.

At the time of writing, we stock 23 shades of the Matte Liquid Lipsticks, as well as four shades of the Metallic Liquid Lipsticks. Aromi Matte Liquid Lipsticks apply like a regular lip gloss but dry to a matte velvet finish approximately one minute after application.

Good preparation with a scrub is always a good idea with Matte Liquid Lipsticks, and these are no exception, but skip the lip balm as it will change the matte properties of the liquid lipstick. It’s also recommended that you avoid oily foods to maintain the wear.

The Aromi Metallic Liquid Lipsticks apply in the same way as the Matte Lipsticks but may take slightly longer to dry, and while the metallic are still matte, you’ll get a metallic glittery finish. With the metallic lipsticks, opacity can be built on with a second coat and to enhance the shimmery metallic finish, you can gently rub your lipstick with a finger once dry.

As for removal, simply wipe away with a tissue, but be aware, as these lipsticks are designed with longevity in mind, there may be some staining. Any remaining product can be removed with an oil based product, coconut oil for example, or any oil based cleanser. This is why Aromi recommend avoiding oily food where possible!

We’ve already touched on the impressive range of shades available but there really is something for everyone, from nudes, to a variety of reds, right through to bolder colours such as blues and greens which are really popular. From the Metallic Liquid Lipsticks, we love Rose Gold (peach with gold tones), and from the Matte Liquid Lipsticks it’s hard to choose a favourite but Toasted Almond (a nude with pink-peach undertones), Red Dahlia (a cool maroon with blue undertones), Azure Blue (bright blue) are all stand out shades. Take a look and pick your favourites. Both the Matte and Metallic Liquid Lipsticks retail at £13.00 each.

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