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Safe Beauty

4th April 2013

Safe Beauty

Germs and bacteria can easily be spread from your cosmetic brushes all over your face every time you us them. This can cause your skin to become irritated and cause rashes and spots. They can even cause eye infections such as conjunctivitis that can be spread very easily.

You should be regularly cleaning your brushes or you should consider disposable cosmetic brushes, applicators and sponges. Disposables are used only once and then you throw them away. This significantly reduces the risk of spreading bacteria, germs and infections. Damp brushes and applicators and sponges can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Some great disposable cosmetic products you should consider using include:

Sponges – come in a variety of shapes making them good for applying makeup in all areas. They are great for applying liquid foundation and crème blushers.

Mascara wands and eye liner applicators – help reduce the risk of eye infections. The wands come in all shapes and sizes.

Lip brushes – can prevent highly infectious cold sores being spread.

Spatulas - can be used to get cosmetics out of bottles without you having to touch the product with your fingers and spreading germs. It is ideal for getting foundation out of the bottle. Where possible try to use pump action bottles. It will reduce the risk of cross infection. Be sure to clean the pump regularly with alcohol wipes or antibacterial wipes.

Cotton buds - are great for removing any mistakes such as smudged mascara. They are also handy for blending eye shadow and eyeliner.

Eye shadow brushes – these are the same size and shape as non-disposable. Great for stopping the spread of infection around the very sensitive eye area.

Other ways to reduce the spread of infection

Never share your cosmetics and cosmetic applicators with anyone. This is a really quick way to spread and catch germs and infections. Especially highly contagious ones like cold sores and conjunctivitis. Next time your friend asks to borrow your lip gloss, kindly say no.

Wash your hands before and after applying makeup or other cosmetics.

Use disposable face wipes to remove your makeup. Imagine how much bacteria is in a flannel and multiplying by the second.

Also use disposable pads if you are using a toner on your face or you want to remove eye makeup.

Don’t leave any cosmetics or cosmetic tools near heat or in a damp place.  Heat plus moisture makes bacteria multiply at a very fast rate.

Throw away your mascaras and eyeliners 3 months after opening and six months for all other products unless specified on the packaging.

If you have a fungal nail infection the throw your nail polish away immediately. It’s also best that you never share someone else nail polish in case they have an infection too.

Clean wherever you store your cosmetics and cosmetic applicators on a regular basis with disposable antibacterial wipes.


Where possible use disposable products that can be recycled. Many disposable applicators are made of plastic which can be widely recycled.

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