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Rules to Break

16th April 2014

Rules to Break

Whilst there are beauty rules out there that are useful to stick to and we covered these in another blog post, there are beauty rules we highly recommend breaking. Some of them have been passed down from our grandmothers and some of them have been disproved with science and some of them are a question of what’s currently in fashion but regardless of their origin here’s a run-down of some of the common Beauty Rules we think its okay to break!

Rule One Use Lip Liner to line your lips. No no no! Shape the outline of your lips with your lip liner and then fill in all of your lips using the same pencil. This will act as a perfect base for your lipstick, helping it to stay put all day, and what’s more, as your lipstick inevitably fades throughout the day, you won’t just be left with a ring of pencil around your lips. Try out OCC’s new pencils along with the matching Lip Tar to get the perfect pout.

Rule Two Wash your hair every day. Unless your hair is naturally very greasy and washing can strip away the natural oils which keep your hair shiny and healthy looking. Shampoo can be very drying.

Rule Three Don’t let your roots show. Actually, these days not having roots showing is not cool. With ombre hair showing no signs of disappearing dark roots are all the rage! Roots can give depth to your colour too.

Rule Four Redheads can’t wear red lipstick. Try telling that one to Christina Hendricks! Hair colour is irrelevant, choose your red lip according to your skin tone, not your hair.

Rule Five You can’t wear dramatic eye make up with a dramatic lip. Old school advice would have us believe that you should choose to either focus on the eyes or the lips but we think this can make the rest of the face look a little unfinished. Grab your darkest liner, such as the Eye of Horus Smokey Eye Pencil and team it with your brightest red or pink lipstick such as OCC’s Lip Tar in Harlott or Anime.

Rule Six Don’t tweeze above your eyebrows. Of course, when tweezing, the vast majority of the hairs that are unwanted will be below your brow, but we all have some stragglers at the top, feel free to pull them out, and if you’re really sure of your tweezing skills then tweezing from above can help to create a precise shape. Always use high quality precision tweezers and Crown Brush Precision Tweezers are just the ticket.

Rule Seven Always match your manicure to your pedicure. This is so outdated! I would imagine this was a beauty rule our grandmother’s followed religiously but with so many amazing colours out there why not mix it up a bit. Matching can be very smart but there’s no reason at all we shouldn’t wear whatever we fancy on our finger nails and toes.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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