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15th February 2013


Why is packaging important?

When you buy products do you think about the packaging they come in? You may have considered what your product is made of but it is also important to think about what it comes in.

Every year tons of waste is sent to landfills. We probably use on average 12 products a day ranging from makeup to toothpaste. This can mean a lot of waste. You can help reduce landfill waste by recycling your product containers and packaging.

What can be recycled?

Glass - Clear, brown and green can be recycled. However heat resistant and crystal cannot.

Plastic – Drinks bottles, shampoo and conditioner bottles, and detergent bottles.

Paper/cardboard - Corrugated cardboard, magazines, junk mail, newspaper, office paper, milk cartons and cereal boxes.

Cans and tins – Aluminium cans, Steel Cans and Tin Cans, Aluminum foil and bake ware.

Some products will tell you which parts you can recycle, some may also have the recycle logo on them. Not all products can be recycled. For example the top off a shampoo bottle may be recyclable but the body may not, always check.

When you go shopping and need fruit of vegetables, where possible buy produce that is loose rather than wrapped in plastic. Take a bag you already have to put them in, don’t use the plastic bags that are usually found by the loose products. This cuts down on wrapping waste. If they rip or you no longer need them many supermarkets have a place you can take them for recycling. Many also sell bags for life, so if they do rip you can get a free replacement.


This is another recycling option and it would benefit your garden greatly. You may be surprised that you can place the following in a compost heap/bin:

Cardboard - cereal packets and egg boxes, waste paper, junk mail and cardboard tubes.

You can also put food waste such as potato peelings and left over vegetables in a compost bin/heap.

Once it has all broken down you can use it for planting flowers and vegetables in your garden.

Where possible re-use packaging. For example if a product arrives in an envelope and it is in good condition you can use it again and the same goes for bubble wrap. Glass jars could be used store items and plastic bottles can be reused to hold drinks.

All packaging such as jars and tins should be cleaned out before being sent for recycling as they can’t be used if they are soiled.

When you need new makeup brushes you should try and buy brushes that can be recycled. There are a lot of good brands out there. Some are made from bamboo and recycled aluminium.

When ordering cosmetics you can save money on postage and reduce packaging by ordering in bulk.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the government slogan for recycling. Get involved in your area’s recycle scheme. You will be surprised what can be recycled and how it can be used for making different products you will use in the future.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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