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Organic Certification

15th September 2013

Organic Certification

There are so many products on the market that claim to be organic or natural but they have been proven not to be. It’s hard to know what products to choose and which are safe.

Many organic manufacturers and now opting for a certification process to prove their products are organic or natural an

d are of a high standard.

Here are some certification labels to look out for if you want peace of mind about the products you are buying:

1.       The Soil Association UK – This is a very recognisable and highly regarded label in the UK.  To be eligible for this certificate products must be a minimum of 95% organic.  The remaining products must be proven to be non-genetically modified. 




2.       Eco-cert France – They require products to have a minimum of 95% natural ingredients. There can be a maximum of 5% synthetic ingredients.


3.       BDIH Germany –They require manufacturers to be socially responsible and support fair trade. They must also adhere to strict environmental guidelines. To hold a BDIH certification, products must contain natural raw materials such as essential oils and plant oils.


4.       NaTrue EU – This is based on a 3 star rating. 3 stars mean that 95% of all the agricultural ingredients are on their acceptable list of ingredients. 2 stars means 70% of all the ingredients are on the acceptable list and 1 star means 5-15% must be off their list.

natrue eu

5.       USDA Organic USA – They have a very strict set of standards manufacturers must follow. Products must be 95% organic to be able to carry their label. Products that are 100% organic can carry their 100% organic label. This is well known and well respected certification in the USA.


6.       Canada Organic/Canada Biologique – In June 2009 certification was implemented on a federal level. Mandatory certification must be used on all agricultural products being called organic for import/export and international trade purposes.

canada organic

If you see and of these labels you can be assured that the products you are buying have gone through a very strict vetting and testing process before being able to place the certification on their products.



Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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