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Nail Art

10th December 2014

Nail Art

There must be many of us who have bought pots of loose cosmetic glitter to wear for a special occasion or fancy dress party, and unless you’re a particularly sparkly person, the chances are that pot of glitter has languished in your make up drawer ever since.Perhaps only seeing the light of day during the Christmas party season.

While wearing glitter on your face for your school run or day at work is not the done thing for most of us, there is a way you can put those pots of glitter to good use that is more suitable for daytime wear, but equally fabulous for a night out or party.

There are various options available to you, and you are only really limited by your imagination, but here are a few of our suggestions.

If you don’t already own glitter, take a look at the Lime Crime Zodiac Cosmetic Glitters (£9.00) Violet Voss £6.95 and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Glitters £9.50, you may be inspired enough to buy some!

A word of warning before we start, don’t be tempted to use craft glitters unless they are ultra fine, your average glitter is too chunky and won’t layer well without getting bumpy and rough, cosmetic glitters are perfect.

Full Nail Glitter

This looks great as an accent nail, but equally, if you’re going for all out glam, its great on all nails.

  • First, apply base coat. • Working one hand at a time, choose a nail colour close to the colour of your glitter and apply two coats of polish.
  • Before it dries, take a soft fluffy brush (an old eyeshadow brush is perfect), dip it into your glitter and then brush all over your tacky nail polish until full coverage is achieved.
  • Using a clean dry brush, brush over the nails to sweep away all loose glitter and to smooth the applied glitter.
  • Repeat on the other hand.
  • Apply Top Coat. Ombre Nail Glitter Ever so slightly more subtle than the full coverage glitter look, but no less effective.
  • Apply Base Coat
  • Working one hand at a time, choose a colour that either coordinates or contrasts with the colour of your glitter and apply two coats of colour.
  • While the polish is still tacky, use a brush to apply glitter just to the tips of the nail, so use less glitter than with the previous look, and then once applied, pull the brush down over the nail to create the ombre look.
  • Repeat on the other hand.
  • Apply Top Coat. 

Glitter Patterns

You can achieve all sorts of effects using glitter and clear polish. We’re going to use a dotting tool to create glittery spots, but you could draw swirls or zig zags with a fine nail art brush.

  • Apply Base Coat
  • Paint all nails in your chosen colour. Apply two coats and allow to dry
  • Using a dotting tool (widely available from nail art stores online), use clear polish to apply dots all over your nails, it may be wise to do one hand at a time.
  • Then brush on your glitter, it will stick to the wet spots and not stick to the background colour.
  • Allow to dry and then sweep away any loose glitter and finish up with a Top Coat.

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