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Must Haves

19th March 2014

Must Haves

We spend a lot of time here talking about cosmetics and techniques, but it’s about time the supporting cast had a mention, these are the accessories and products that we take for granted, but can’t imagine how we lived without for so long!

Starting with the humble make up bag. The Cosmetic Bag with Rope Handle is a clear vinyl make up bag, making it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for without having to rummage. It’s the perfect size for transporting your daily essentials around and great for using in hand luggage when flying.

We’d also not be without our Black 9 Pocket Brush Roll. This is made from cotton and hemp and rolls up to a compact size, keeping your brushes safe while travelling.

Speaking of brushes, the Brush Guard comes in five different sizes, Shadow/Liner, Variety, Blush, Medium Foundation and Large Powder/kabuki. Each pack contains several brush guards. These are breathable, stretchy guards tubes that fit over your brushes, keeping the bristles in place, either after washing or when travelling. Handy!

Blotting Papers in a Pouch. Perfect for your handbag, dab where needed to eliminate shine!

The humble sharpener. It can’t just be any sharpener though, you need a sharpener such as the Japonesque Dual Pro Cosmetic Sharpener which can fit a standard pencil, but also a chubby style pencil, and if you’re on the move, the shavings are kept safely inside until you can get to a bin.

Now you may not think these are essentials but having a selection of disposable Short Head Mascara Wands makes a breeze of keeping lashes and brows groomed once you’ve applied your products. Perfect.

A spot Brush Cleaner, such as Cozzette’s Aromatherapy Brush Cleaner makes moving from one colour to another with the same brush, a breeze. Simply spray on a bit of tissue, wipe the brush over the damp tissue, give it a few seconds to dry and off you go.

Lip Balms and butters are essentials for keeping your lips in tip top condition, Keep one on your bedside table, one in your handbag and one on your desk. There’s a wealth of ingredients and flavours to choose from but our favourites are the classic Smith’s Rosebud Salve and all of the delicious eos lip balms. If you like a tint of colour as well as nourishing formula the Everyday minerals Tinted Lip Butter’s are perfect.

Eyeshadow primer, such as the NYX Eye Shadow Primer Base, will help make the most of the pigment in your eyeshadow as well as keeping your make up crease free and in place all day long.

Our final must have is a great quality hand cream, and we love the eos Hand Lotion which comes in either Berry Blossom or Cucumber. The lotion will help keep your hands soft and supple and is fast absorbing, meaning you won’t be left with greasy hands after using!

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