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Mineral Make Up

21st June 2013

Mineral Make Up

Mineral makeup may seem like a relatively new concept but it has been around for over 30 years, first making an appearance in the 70’s.

It has recently seen a resurgence and is now very popular with celebrity makeup artists and skin specialists.

It is made from natural earth rocks (Mica) that have been ground up into a fine mineral powder.

Benefits of mineral makeup include:

  1. 1. It is free from harmful chemicals such as parabens. It is also additive free.
  2. 2. It is free from fragrance and preservative that can irritate the skin.
  3. 3. The minerals have a natural PH so it is great for balancing the skin. This makes it great for acne sufferers and other skin conditions.
  4. 4. Has a great even coverage. It is brilliant for covering scars, acne and rosacea.
  5. 5. Even though it gives good coverage it still feels light on the skin and is long lasting.
  6. 6. It is light reflective and refractive making it very flattering especially for older skin.
  7. 7. Great for the skin as it doesn’t clog the pores. This makes it popular with dermatologists. It is so gentle that beauty experts recommend using it after facials, if you don’t want to go without make up. It doesn’t soak into the skin like most make up. It sits on the surface.
  8. 8. It is usually oil free. Always check the labels on any products you purchase.
  9. 9. One huge benefit is that it offers sun protection. The minerals protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. You can also use mineral make up over sun cream to give added protection.
  10. 10. Mineral make up can be built up in layers so you can control how much you use.
  11. 11. Most mineral make up is water resistant.
  12. 12. It contains natural minerals such as zinc and calcium that can act as anti-oxidants. Mineral make up is easy to apply.

Here are some great tips for getting a natural look:

  1. 1. Cleanse and moisturise your face beforehand, as dry patches may cause the make up to look powdery in areas.
  2. 2. Shake the jar to loosen the minerals.
  3. 3. Pour a small amount of powder into the lid of your makeup pot to start with. This is a great way to reduce waste.
  4. 4. Dip your blending brush into the lid and swirl it around using circular motions, then tap off any excess powder.
  5. 5. Start on your forehead and use circular motions to buff the makeup onto the skin.
  6. 6. Continue this movement around the rest of your face. Don’t be afraid to be quite firm. This will help to get an even coverage. As you go round you will notice the minerals start to warm up.
  7. 7. Continue until you get the desired coverage. Make sure you concentrate on your eyes and around the nose as these can be tricky areas to cover evenly.
  8. 8. Mineral makeup usually comes in a matte or satin finish so there is something for everyone.
  9. 9. Finish with mineral eye shadow and blusher or bronzer.
  10. 10. Use a brush especially designed for mineral makeup to get the best results.


Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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