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It's in the eyes

6th January 2014

It's in the eyes

Making the most of your eyes with make up can change the way you look completely so here are our tips for getting those peepers looking their best!

Prepare the eye area with a good eye cream. 100% Pure Organic Cucumber Eye Cream soothes, calms and moisturises and so makes the prefect prep for your make up. Do leave it to absorb for a few minutes before moving on to the next steps.

Primer! In the same way that we recommend you use a primer under your foundation, using a primer under your eye make up will work wonders, helping you to keep your colours true and bright and helping your make up stay put all day, with little or no creasing or fading. The NYX Eye Shadow Primer Base comes in three shades for different effects. Use the skintone shade when opting for a natural shadow look.The white will make colours really pop and the white pearl will help add a bit of extra dimension to your eye shadows.

Speaking of eye shadows now’s the time to apply them. They come in all sorts of formulas and finishes, so just pick whichever appeals the most to you, be it a matte pressed powder shadow or a shimmering cream. And then there are colours to consider! If you’re feeling bold then head straight for Sugarpill, the most wonderful array of colours that are so packed with pigment you won’t be disappointed. If the natural look is more your thing take a look at the Everyday Minerals Matte Eye colours. Either go for a wash of one shade for a subtle look or start blending several shades together for extra dimension.

Then it’s time for your Liner. Available in gel, pencil or liquid formulas, again it’s up to you which you choose. Liquids and Gels tend to be more pigmented for clear defined lines and pencils best for a softer look and for blending. You can even make your own from your favourite colour eye shadow using Neve Cosmetics Eye Mixing Medium. Where you apply your eye liner is again, entirely up to you and is down to preference. Whether you go along your upper lashes, or along your upper and lower lashes or even on the waterline is entirely up to you, just experiment with application and get a feel for which look you prefer.

So you’ve perfected your look, now all that’s needed is a good mascara to bring it all together. Without mascara, your lashes can tend to look invisible against a backdrop of eye shadow, so primarily mascara defines the lashes. But of course you can choose lengthening mascaras, volumising mascaras or even curling mascaras, whichever you choose, apply carefully and you’ll find it makes all the difference to your finished look.

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