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Importance of good eye brows.

30th January 2014

Importance of good eye brows.

Good eyebrows are big news.

A cursory look around the internet will present you with a plethora of (mostly cruel) meme’s dedicated to those of use with poor eyebrows and eyebrows have been a huge feature on catwalks for the last few seasons, in no small part thanks to Cara Delevingne.

For many of us who lived through the nineties, brows were plucked nearly into oblivion and thin lines were ‘de rigueur’, meaning the new fashion of thicker, fuller brows can seem nigh on impossible to achieve but there are ways to achieve a fuller eyebrow, you just need to know what to use.

The first step is to purchase one of the several products on the market that stimulate the brow’s growth. There are well documented reviews of these products if you have a look around and it can be possible to grow back hair you thought you’d lost forever.

Another tip is to get your eyebrows professionally tinted. A skilled beautician will tint all the fine hairs that you can’t really see and build them into your eyebrow shape. The easiest way to achieve a fuller looking brow of course is to use cosmetics. There’s a wide variety of eyebrow products on the market, usually in powder or pencil form, although there are also products like mascaras for your eyebrows and even pens that look like liquid liners.

It’s a question of taste and what you find easiest but one of the most effective ways to enhance your brows is with a fine brush and a powder. The Sigma Brow Powders come in a range of colours which cover most hair colours

Another brilliant product is the NYX Eye Brow Kit. Available in four shades, each kit contains 4 shadows for brows so you can pick your closest match or mix the shades to get your perfect blend. Also included is an eyelash comb and brush, along with stencils to help you achieve the perfect shape.

Regardless of whether you are trying to enhance thin brows or are blessed with brows Cara Delevingne would be proud of, there are two final steps all brows could benefit from. Firstly, highlighting the brow bone. Use a product to highlight the brow bone directly underneath the brow. Pick a light pink or champagne shade, sticking to shimmer for evenings and matte for day wear. The Sigma Brow Highlighting Pencil covers both eventualities by being dual ended, with a shimmering end and a matte end. Draw a line under your brow and blend out. This will really help to open up the eye area and draw attention to those beautiful brows. The final step is to set the brow, and tame those unruly hairs. Comb the brows and then apply either a clear mascara or a wax to keep them looking groomed. The NYX Clear Wax Eye Brow Shaper Pencil is perfect. We may not all be blessed with Elizabeth Taylor brows but with a little bit of TLC we can get them looking impeccably groomed!

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