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How to Achieve the No Make Up Look

26th September 2013

How to Achieve the No Make Up Look

How to Achieve the No Make-up Make-up look!

The natural look never ever goes out of date but it's not always easy to look like a fresh faced natural beauty when you don’t feel it, but with our tips, looking as though you just climbed out of bed looking fabulous is within your grasp. 

The first step is good prep, which you all do regardless right? This means cleansing and following up with a good moisturiser.

Then we come to your base. Look for the lowest coverage you can get away with, so something like a tinted moisturiser is perfect, but if you need more coverage, pick a foundation with a dewy finish. We like the Illuminare Moisturising Fantastic Finish Foundation (£21.95) which is a mineral foundation providing a light to medium coverage which leaves skin softly luminous.

If you need a concealer on blemishes, do it at this point, but try to keep it to a minimum and blend out carefully. Then we need to add some blush, for a natural flush that delivers a healthy glow, stick to a cream blush, such as the 100% Pure Cosmetics Pot Rouge Blush and try to pick a shade that is close to the shade you naturally blush. Blend out carefully with fingers. At this point it’s a good idea to set your base with a spray. There are many of these on the market, but look for one that will allow you to set your make up but keep things looking glowy. Skindinavia Moisture Lock Make Up Setting Spray is designed for this purpose and will create a luminous and dewy finish.

Eye make up should be kept to a minimum, ditch the eyeliner and the eye shadow, but if eye shadow is a must then keep it pale and interesting, a cream, beige, pale gold would all work well. Mascara is a must and take care to really work it into the roots of your lashes and be sure to comb them when finished. The illusion of wearing no make up will be ruined if your mascara is clumpy!

Brows should be softly defined, so fill in with a brush and an eye shadow that matches your natural brow shade and keep them looking groomed, but natural. As with the eyes, lips should be kept minimal. If you’re wanting to look as though you’re wearing no make up then that red lipstick is probably best relegated to the back of the drawer on this occasion. Instead, exfoliate your lips (we recommend an old, soft, toothbrush) to get rid of any dead skin and to get them kissably soft and then apply. Then add a tinted lip balm if possible, or add lipstick but blot it to remove most of the colour and shine, leaving only a “just bitten” tint behind.

Looking as though you are not wearing make up when in fact you are takes a little effort but it’s well worth it and is the perfect look for any occasion.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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