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How many make up brushes?

7th March 2013

How many make up brushes?

On average we probably use five brushes when we are applying our make up. So why do we need so many? Is one not enough?

Shape and texture are the main reasons. We couldn’t use a large blusher brush to apply eye shadow, it just wouldn’t work.

Here are a selection of makeup brushes and why we need them:

  • Foundation brush – These are usually flat with a small rounded tip perfect for getting an even coverage. The small tip allows you to get around the nose and eye smoothly, which would be difficult with a bigger brush.
  • Concealer brush – These are usually a similar shape to the foundation brush but they have a much smaller head making it easier to cover blemishes and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Powder brush – Have a large round head. It allows you to sweep powder across your face evenly. Following the face contours will give a great coverage.
  • Blusher/Bronzer brush – These are usually medium sized, dome shaped and soft. Use it by working from the apple of the cheek sweeping up towards the ears.
  • Lip brush - Small headed and flat with a round trip. Applying lipstick straight from the stick onto the lips can leave it clumpy and patchy. Using a lip brush will help you even out the texture leaving a smooth application. Work from the middle of the lips outwards.
  • Eye shadow brush – These should be small headed, stiff and flat. Apply eye shadow from the inside of the eye outwards. Eye shadow brushes can sometimes come in a spongy texture or soft bristled. Many eye shadow brushes now have a blender on the opposite side. This should be rounded and not too stiff to allow for blending.  However a very soft brush might not allow you to blend well.
  • Eye brow brush - Needs to be small and angled. It can be used to create an upper eyelid line or to fill in eyebrows.

Choose brushes that are made from natural fibres if possible. Natural fibres are especially good for applying powders, blushers and bronzers.

Brushes made from bamboo and natural materials can for the most be recycled, making them eco-friendly.

Cleaning your brushes

It is extremely important to clean your brushes on a regular basis. They can collect bacteria and germs easily and the longer you leave it the more they will collect. You will be spreading around your face every time you use them. This can cause unwanted and nasty break outs.

 If you use your brushes every day you should try and clean them at least once a week. Keeping them clean and well looked after will also help them last longer.

Using a makeup brush shampoo is a great way to cleanse them thoroughly. The brush guru squeaky clean brush shampoo is a great product to try.

Shampoo your brushes ensuring all traces of makeup are removed. Then rinse them thoroughly using warm water. Squeeze out all the excess water and leave them flat to dry naturally.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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