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Foundation and Concealer

14th May 2014

Foundation and Concealer

When it comes to foundation, the world is your oyster.

There are many different formats on the market from loose and pressed powders, solid sticks of product, liquids, creams and even gel hybrids. But then there are different finishes, do you want matte, do you want to keep some glow to your skin, if so how much? And then there’s the issue of buying the right shade. Get it wrong and you risk looking ghostly or worse, the dreaded tide mark along the jaw line!

As a guide, it’s good to know if your skin is cool or warm toned. There are several ways to tell but perhaps the easiest is by looking at the veins in your wrist. If they appear greenish you are warm toned, and if they are bluish you are cool toned.

Cool toned ladies should look for pink based foundations whereas warm toned ladies should look for yellow toned foundations. If you are really unsure then look for a neutral foundation shade. That is, one that is evenly balanced and is neither pink nor yellow toned. Think about the sort of finish you are looking for. Generally, if your skin is oily then a matte foundation will be more suitable, helping to keep shiny patches at bay for longer, while everyone else can opt for something a little more glowy.

We stock a wide range of foundations, but especially helpful for those unsure about which shade to opt for are the brands that offer foundation samples. Such as Lily Lolo and Illuminaire. The illuminaire Trial Foundation pack contains 9 foundation samples which includes three different finishes and three of their most popular shades, or you can opt for single samples. Lily Lolo offer samples sizes of all their foundations. Also available are Everyday Minerals Starter Kits that include a Cool, Warm and Neutral mineral foundations along with a finishing powder and kabuki brush for application.

Concealers also come in a variety of formats but the key is to pick a format that matches your foundation, so if you are wearing a powder foundation, use a powder concealer.

Concelaers aren't just forcovering up dark circles or blemishes, you can also chosse coloured concelaers to cover other issues, such as redness or sallowness. Green concealers help to correct redness, whilst yellow helps to conceal and brighten dark circles. Peach shades help to neutralise blue tones in the skin and lilacs can help to neutralise yellowness.

If trying to match up your foundation and your concealer seems too much of a task you can opt for a product that does the matching for you such as Daniel Sandler’s Invisible Radiance Foundation. It’s a light foundation with a dewy finish that comes with a cream concealer hidden away in the lid.

Whichever shade, finish and format you decide on don’t forget your primer which will help to keep your make up in place all day and provide a lovely smooth canvas for your new products to look and feel their best.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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