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Flawless Make Up

4th September 2013

Flawless Make Up

Everyone wants to be able to apply flawless makeup like the celebrities have after their makeup artist has finished with them.

Here are a few tips on how you can achieve a flawless look yourself:

1. Use a good face cleanser. Clogged pores will leave makeup looking caked on.  Choose a gentle cleanser and use it morning and night.

2.; Moisturise – Nobody likes dry patches of skin. Any makeup you apply will again look caked on like when you have blocked pores. Choose a moisturiser that suits your skin type.

Dry and sensitive skin needs a moisturiser that is gentle and locks in moisture.

Normal skin needs a hydrating moisturiser.

Oily skin needs a water based moisturiser.

3. Primer – Use a primer before applying foundation. Primers help set the foundation and help it last longer.

4. If your skin is clear and blemish free then opt for a tinted moisturiser. If you have blemishes or areas of skin you want to cover then use a foundation. Foundation is a product you should never but cheaply.

Test a variety of colours until you get your perfect match. Picking the right colour can be really hard so advice from the assistance at the counter may be helpful. A way to test by yourself is to apply a little on your cheeks.

To achieve a glowing look add a little illuminator to your foundation. You can apply liquid foundation with a brush or your fingers. Mineral foundation will have a special brush to use.

5. Concealer- choose a colour as close to your skin tone as possible. Apply to areas with blemishes and any dark circles. You can get a setting power for after if you wish.

6. Bronzer/Blusher- Pick a colour that is not to dark and apply with an angled blusher/bronzer brush.  Apply to the apples of your cheeks – smile and you will see these.

7. To make your eye shadow last you can apply a primer beforehand. Choose a colour suitable for your skin tone. Curling your eyelashes for at least 10 seconds each side will help them appear longer. Applying a small amount of Vaseline to them will also do this and will moisturise them. Apply lash lengthening mascara and let the coats dry in-between.

8. Apply a liquid or pencil eyeliner for definition on the lower eyelid and the upper eyelid.

9. Colour in your eyebrows for extra definition and apply an eyebrow gel to keep them in place. Make sure you eyebrows are groomed beforehand.

10. For your lips apply a lip primer then a lip liner. Then apply lipstick or lip gloss in the same colour.


Apply your eye shadow before your eyeliner.

Stick to colours that best match your skin tone or you can end up looking washed out or orange.

Always wash you makeup brushes on a regular basis.

Never share your makeup with anyone, you risk cross infection.

Always remove your makeup thoroughly at night as it can cause breakouts.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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