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Fixing Overplucked Eye Brows

24th February 2014

Fixing Overplucked Eye Brows

Thanks (mostly) to Cara Delevingne brows are big news.

Perfect arches are all over the catwalks and magazines but how can those of us who’ve been a little tweezer happy in the past create those beautiful groomed brows that are all the rage? Many of us over plucked in the nineties, leaving little more than thin lines in place of our brows, some of us were never blessed with lots of brow to work with in the first place, and some of us may have just made an error with the tweezers as a one off.

The first step is to start using a growth product. There are several on the market. Some market themselves as conditioners to nourish the hairs you do have, and some promise to produce hairs where there haven’t been any for years. Do some research before purchasing and then use regularly for fuller looking brows in as little as 4-8 weeks.

In the meantime get your eyebrows tinted. This has two benefits. Firstly, the hairs will appear thicker and darker, creating a full look immediately, and secondly, those fine colourless hairs you can’t really see will also get tinted and you can build these into your brow shape.

Once you’ve started with two steps you can use a variety of tools and cosmetics to create the illusion of the perfect brows. When you start to fill in your brows, you may feel unsure about creating the shame freehand, and if that is the case then Brow Stencil Kits are the answer. Place where you want them to be and fill in with product, you can then tweeze away the hairs outside of the template. Be sure to use good quality tweezers that really grip the hair, like the Crown Brush Precision Tweezers. Try not to be over zealous. Tweeze only hairs that fall outside of the shape you are creating.

When filling your brows in you’ll need two things. A high quality brush and your product. Choose a colour that closely matches your hair colour. There are many products on the market for filling in brows, powders, gels and pencils being the main options. Gels usually come in tubes like mascaras and are applied using a mascara wand. These have the additional benefit of not only adding colour, but holding the brows in place once the product has dried.

The Sigma Brow Gel is ideal and has a tinted end and a clear end. Pencils are simple to use and as you’d imagine, you simply sketch in your brows. Don’t be tempted to draw on a straight line, instead sketch small lines with a sharp pencil to crate the look of the hairs.

When choosing a brush for your brows, make sure it is precise and slim when viewed head on. The Cozette Angled Brow/Liner Brush is perfect and Vegan too. There are many brow powders on the market and the Everyday Minerals Brow Definition Kit is a great place to start. It contains two shades of brow powder, a coffee shade and a dark brown, along with a Rare Silk eyeshadow for highlighting your brow once it’s filled in. It also contains a brush.

Whichever product you use to fill in your brows, the finishing touch is to highlight the brow bone which will really help to open the eye area and lift the arch. The Sigma Brow Highlighting Pencil is dual ended and has a matte side for a day time highlight and a shimmery end for an evening look.

And remember, don’t go tweezer crazy, if you are unsure about which hairs to tweeze, get your brows shaped by a professional, it’s not an expensive beauty treatment and if you only go once, they’ll create the shape for you, all you need to do is remove hairs that grow outside of that shape!

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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