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Festive Hot Picks

1st December 2012

Festive Hot Picks

There’s something about Christmas that makes you want to run out and buy lots of things for yourself.

It’s frankly crackers (no pun intended!) because you know that come Christmas Day, you’ll be the recipient of many wonderful presents, and if your husband/boyfriend/partner knows you well enough, then they will have bought you the entire contents of your wish list...

But in a bid to curb ones spending on oneself, I’ve handpicked some goodies that you know your best friend/mum/sister will love, just as much as if you’d bought it for yourself.



Neve Cosmetics Pastell Eyeliner Pencils.

The gold is sublime, and perfect for the party season.  The packaging is kitsch and vintage enough to appeal to the current trend for all things retro.





Lime Crime Nail Polish

Milky Ways is a stunning colour, and while everyone else is wearing their dark, muted colours, you can buck the trend and wear a brighter, sunnier colour.



laqa set



Laqa & Co Paradise City Fat Lip Pencil Giftbox.

With 2 hotter than hot shades of Lambchop (super bright pink) and Ring of Fire (rocking hot red), you know that your lips will be ready to be kissed under the mistletoe this season.





Sprout Body Scrub

After a long, hard day’s shopping, why not relax in a steaming hot bath, and scrub the day away with Sprouts divine body scrub.





Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool.

You know you want to look your very best this season, it’s going to be parties, dancing, and pressing your cheeks close to kiss people you’ve either never met, or haven’t seen in ages. Make sure that cheek is super smooth.






Lime Crime Alchemy Shadow Palette

This looks to be the brand new star of the Lime Crime palette team, and with darker shades of their infamous brights, perfect for this season.




Japonesque Lash Placement Kit.

You remember all those parties and events you’ll be attending? The ones where you’ll be getting out your best false lashes? Make sure you don’t do a wonky job of applying them, and get lash perfect with this kit.


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