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False Lashes

20th August 2014

False Lashes

If you’re not blessed in the eyelash department, or if you’re looking for a dramatic or avant garde look for a special occasion then false eyelashes can be your best friend.

We stock a wide range of lashes and lash paraphernalia, some of which can seem a little daunting so here’s little run down of what’s available and most importantly, how to apply those lashes perfectly every time.

In terms of the types of lashes available, they fall into two main camps, individual lashes and strip lashes.

Individual lashes are, as they sound, tiny sets of lashes that you fix with adhesive, where necessary, either to fill gaps in your lash line, or to add extra volume to areas, such as the outer corners of the upper lash line.

The other type of lashes, and more common, are the strip lashes. These come in many forms from demi-lashes (just half the length of your eyelid to give a sweeping winged effect) such as the Ardell Lash Accents, to jewelled lashes such as the Sugarpill Crystalline lashes, natural looking lashes suchas as the Ardell 110’s, coloured, lashes, lashes with pearls, long lashes, sweeping lashes, zig zag lashes, the options are almost limitless.

Be guided by your occasion. Are your lashes required for daytime wear, or for evening? Are they for a romantic meal out or a raucous night out with the girls? Once you’ve chosen your lashes you might want to think about how you will apply them.

Although some lashes come with adhesive, it’s always worth investing in a high quality lash glue and Duo Lash Adhesive is a leading brand in the field. Some people find a lash applicator tool such as the Ardell Deluxe Lash Applicator is invaluable, others prefer to use tweezers or even their fingers. This is a matter of preference and practice and one you can only find out for yourself over time!

Applying Your Lashes Although applying false lashes can seem daunting, with a little patience, practice, makes perfect. We’d recommend, if wanting to wear them for a night out for the first time, having a few practices before your big night out.

  • Step One Before you start, hold your lashes against your eyelid. If the strip is too long, trim them with nail scissors. If your lashes are too long, they will make your eyes look droopy!
  • Step Two Bend your lashes into a “C” shape and hold for a few seconds.
  • Step Three Apply a thin line of your adhesive along the lash strip. Leave for 10 -20 seconds for the glue to become tacky.
  • Step Four Apply the lash at the base of your lashes, if at all possible not on your actual eyelid at all, just as close to the skin as you can possibly get it. This is easier if you look down. Don’t worry if things get a bit messy, the glue will dry clear. Adjust with tweezers or your fingers and press the lashes down on the outside and inner corners for a few seconds.

That’s it, all done! Don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake, they’ll peel gently off. You can peel the glue off the lashes, and start all over again.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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