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Eye Of Horus

7th August 2013

Eye Of Horus

The Ancient Egyptians considered beauty a sign of holiness. And as such cosmetics were an important part of daily life for both men and women. Not only were cosmetics used for aesthetic purposes but they were also used for religious and magical purposes with cosmetic palettes even found buried in graves, signifying just how important they were.

We are used to seeing Egyptian looking makeup today as portrayed in films such as Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor, but what was the look of the era? Well, actually, the films aren’t far removed from the actuality. The most common item was Black kohl, and lots of it, stored in little kohl pots and applied with a wooden stick, to create an almond eye. The almond eye was to resemble the falcon eye of the God Horus (more on that shortly!).

The Eye of Horus was believed to have magical protective powers and the kohl and green eye paint worn under the eye were therefore worn to ward off evil spirits and as a way to protect the eye from diseases. They weren’t wrong either; their kohl did indeed prevent an ocular infection that was caused by the flooding of the Nile. Green eye paint was usually made of malachite and black kohl was made from a substance called galena which is a dark grey ore of lead (which promoted the production of nitric oxide in their skin which strengthened their immune systems and prevented the aforementioned diseases!).

In addition to the eye products, the ancient Egyptians also used stains for cheeks and lips that were created from red ochre, from clay, that was mined, washed and then dried in the sun to create the red pigment. Hair was also dyed and nails painted using Henna.

So back to the Eye of Horus, that’s a catchy name for a cosmetics company no? Well certainly the ladies who created the Australian company of that very name thought so. But it’s not just the name; they have created a range of modern cosmetics which are all based on ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients such as beeswax, rice bran wax, carnauba, candellia, jojoba waxes and almond, moringa and sesame oils. Only exception being lead, there’s no lead thankfully!

The ethos of the brand is a caring one. All products are long lasting, non-irritating, nourishing and very suitable for those with sensitive eyes, all whilst avoiding nasty chemicals. Nothing is tested on animals and everything is paraben free. As you might imagine for a brand based on the cosmetics of Ancient Egyptians, the cosmetic products in the range are all for the eyes, with a few handy accessories too. There’s a Liquid Define Liner and kohl’s in a range of shades with appropriate names such as Malachite Teal and Bronze Amulet, in addition there’s a beautiful black mascara for even the most sensitive of eyes and a beautiful eye shadow palette in golds and bronzes which is of course named after Isis the Sun Goddess.

In terms of accessories there are compact mirrors and pencil sharpeners along with a handy little Microfibre cloth that comes in a purse… you’ll need this soaked in some hot water to melt away the wax based mascara because it won’t run or shift on its own!

Everyone should feel like a Goddess and with this range you really can.

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