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DIY Bridal Beauty

4th November 2013

DIY Bridal Beauty

Not everyone opts for a make-up artist to do their make up on their wedding day, but doing it at home yourself can be a minefield.

You want to look naturally glowy and flawless BUT also for your make to photograph well and last all day so you do not have to worry about touching up constantly.

Here are our tips to help you look beautifully bridal on your big day.

The first and most important step is Prep. Make sure that in the week before your big day you’re moisturising twice a day to help get your skin in tip top condition. And then on the day be sure to use a primer. A primer will make your make up easier to apply and help them last all day long. There are lots of primers on the market so make sure you pick one that suits your skin type, and when applying pay close attention to problem areas. We recommend NYX Cosmetics Studio Perfect Primer which suits most skin types.

Once you’ve thoroughly prepped then it’s time to create that flawless complexion. It’s essential that you pick the correct shade. If you want to warm your complexion up don’t be tempted to use a darker foundation, you can do that later with a bronzer. Your foundation should disappear into your skin when blended. Also, as with the primer, pick something that suits your skin type. You don’t want your foundation sliding off half way through the day because it’s too moisturising for your oily skin for example. A good tip is to avoid foundations that contain SPF just this once as they often don’t photograph well with flash photography, giving the subject a “white” effect.

All of the above applies when it comes to concealing too. Make sure the colour is perfect and blend, blend, blend. Illuminare do two fantastic foundations, Mattifying Ultimate All Day for the oily skinned amongst us and the Moisturising Fantastic Finish for dry skins.

Then it’s time to add some colour and glow to your face. It’s easy to go wrong with Bronzer so pick a shade that isn’t too dark for you and go lightly. Matte is best for your wedding day, as it photographs well; just add light touches wherever your face naturally catches the sun.

Then choose a blusher that is close in colour to your natural lip colour for a natural bridal look and apply. If you opt for highlighter, keep it light, you don’t want to look too glittery and again, shimmers are easily picked up by cameras, so opt for glow rather than glitter. Apply to the cheek bones.

Once your base is finished it’s time to move onto the eyes. Bridal make up is usually kept simple and the eyes are no exception. For long wear an eye shadow primer is a must. The NYX Cosmetics Primer Base comes in three shades, a white, a pearl white and skin tone. The white primers will make colours show up really well. Use soft shades to define and brighten the eye. Browns, taupes, peaches and soft pinks are all perfect. Add some gel liner. Gel liners are, generally speaking, long lasting and easy to apply and then apply your mascara. On your wedding day it’s highly likely that there will be tears at some point. Opt for waterproof mascara!

And finally, lips. In the run up to the wedding pay attention to your lips, using scrubs or an old toothbrush to keep them flake free and use lots of balm. On the day opt for a stain. Stains are long wearing and don’t usually transfer, making them perfect for that “you may now kiss the bride” moment.

One last thing, set the whole look with a setting Spray, there are lots available and they’ll help to keep your fabulous look looking perfect all day.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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