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6th March 2014


You may have noticed we stock a variety of different empty cosmetic palettes.

Generally these come in two types, those that contain wells (such as the Vueset Bonanza or Tahiti palettes) which are for housing cream products, and those that are magnetic (such as the Z Palettes or the Yaby Personal Palette), for holding metal pans of cosmetics.

With some brands, such as Yaby, it’s possible to buy eye shadow refills, or singles, that is, they come in a metal pan, with no exterior packaging, meaning you need somewhere to house your pans of colour and this is where the magnetized palettes come in especially handy as you can just pop your refill pans into the palette.

Usually, buying refill products are cheaper than buying fully packaged products meaning you’ll save a bit of money by housing your shadows in this manner.

The other use for both types of palette is for housing your depotted products.

Depotting is the practice of removing a makeup product, such as an eye shadow, blush or lipstick from its original packaging and placing it into more practical packaging, such as a palette. It’s a trick used by make up artists, but it’s one that is handy for the casual cosmetics hoarder too. Let’s say for example, you have five palettes, each containing four shadows that you use regularly, wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the shadows in one place, making it easier to locate the shade you want, and giving you less to carry around. Why carry four palettes around, when you can carry one?

And what about those lipsticks? If you’re a person who likes to apply lipstick with a lip brush, then using a palette with wells, to house all your most popular shades, makes life much easier in that you can find the shade you are after at a glance, and instead of carrying around 10 tubes of lipstick, you can have just one little palette, holding all your colours. If you’ve decided you’d like to carry all your lipsticks around in one palette, well that’s the easy bit, simply slice the bullet of colour off the lipstick mechanism and plonk it into one well of your pan, keep going with one colour per well, until you’ve filled your palette.

Eye shadows and blushers however, can be a bit trickier to depot. Some brands encourage the act of depotting and make their eye shadows pop right out of their packaging, others however take some skill to remove, and it’s best perhaps to practice on a product you won’t be sad about breaking, or that is cheap to replace. For the products that don’t simply pop out of their packaging, removing them will usually require the application of heat to the bottom of the packaging, which will help to melt the glue holding them in place.

We would strongly advise referring to one of the many tutorials available online to help with this process, or you may well waste money instead of save it. If you’re a mass hoarder of make up, why not organise your eye shadows into palettes of similar or contrasting shades, creating a palette of all your neutral shades, and another with all your purples and pinks, and so on. You’ll find your storage areas become less cluttered and products become easier to find.

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