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Colour Crazy

31st July 2013

Colour Crazy

Natural looking cosmetics and the No-make-up look will never go out of fashion but products on the market these days mean that no colour is out of bounds for the brave at heart.

Yellow eye shadow? No problem! Green Lips? No problem! The world is literally your very colourful oyster. But what if you want to inject a little colour into your life but you’re a little on the timid side and perhaps green lips aren’t quite right for you? Well fear not, there’s plenty on the market for you too and there are plenty of ways to wear colour so you don’t feel like your face is screaming “look at me”.

For the truly brave, how about No She Didn’t lipstick by Lime Crime, a vivid bubblegum blue with a hint of turquoise but if you’re not quite ready for blue yet, then plump for a bright range or a red Lip or even a neon pink such as OCC’s Anime Lip Tar.

If you’re shy, keep the rest of your look simple with clear skin, minimal blusher and defined brows. If you fancy keeping the lips a more subtle shade but injecting some colour into your eye make up, there are literally no limits. For the brave amongst us, look for products packed with pigment to really make a statement, such as the Sugarpill pressed shadows which come in a veritable rainbow of colours, you can even create an actual rainbow if that should take your fancy! Just blend, blend, blend!

If however you want to try bold colours on the eyes but you’re not quite up to a whole rainbow, there are various ways to make this work. Coloured mascara is a great item to have in your arsenal, keep things simple and add a splash of colour on the lashes, aqua or blue for example, but this season even sees yellow mascara being released by one high end brand so it’s not just the smaller brands pulling out the stops colour wise. Either apply all over your lashes as you would with your usual mascara, or to just the tips of your lashes, or even just to a few lashes on the outer corners.

The easiest way to add a pop of colour that isn’t too daring is to opt for a bright eyeliner. Pencil, liquid, gel are usual formulas but a fine brush and a pigmented shadow would work just as well and may even be more effective for the timid. Lime Crime Uniliners are liquid eyeliners in a range of vivid shades for adding a little pop of colour above your lashes. We recommend Orchidaceous, a matte violet purple. Bright enough to get noticed but not so crazy you’ll feel self-conscious.

Remember a primer is always worth investing in to wear underneath your chosen shades, not only will it improve the wear time but it’ll also get the most out of the shade.

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