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Caring for make up brushes

29th June 2013

Caring for make up brushes

Brushes are an important part of our daily beauty routines and many of us use them day in, day out for all aspects of our cosmetic application, from concealer to brows.

Quality brushes are essential (and not necessarily expensive) but when you buy brushes, whether you’ve spent £1 or £100, it’s important to care for them correctly so that they’ll last as long as possible and to remove bacteria. Of course, the more money you’ve spent on them, the more important it is that you care for them to protect your investment.

There are two commonly used brush cleaning methods, spot cleaning and deep cleaning.

Spot cleaning is the quick fix and to spot clean you’ll need a sanitizing spray, such as the Cozzette Aromatherapy Brush Cleaner.  Simply spritz a tissue or similar with the spray and then gently swipe both sides of your brush over the damp area, then dry off gently in the same way on a dry part of the tissue. Your brushes should be dry and ready to use in approximately five minutes.

Even if you spot clean your brushes regularly, you will still need to deep clean from time to time and for deep cleaning you have several options in terms of products. Mild shampoo is frequently recommended and is a good cheap option. The Cozzette Aromatherapy Brush Cleaner can also be used for deep cleaning or there are brush cleaning soaps such as the Enkore Make Up Pro Brush Soap. Once you’ve decided on your cleaning product you’re ready to get started.

For deep cleaning, evenings are ideal as you can expect them to take at least eight hours to dry fully. Start by running your brushes bristles under warm, but not hot, water. Hot water can loosen glue or damage handles. Take care not to soak your brush or get water on the ferrule of the brush. The ferrule is the metal part of the brush that holds the bristles to the handle and getting water inside it will damage your brush causing it to shed or moult.

If cleaning with shampoo then apply a small amount to your brush and gently massage in. Use the palm of your hand to gently but thoroughly swipe the brush back and forth in the lather. If using a cleanser in a bar format then dampen your brush and swipe it back and forth over the surface of the soap. Then rinse and keep rinsing until the water runs clear. You have now deep cleaned your brushes.

The way you dry your brushes is as important as the way you wash them. Squeeze out any excess water and gently use your fingers to reshape your brushes and leave them to dry flat on a towel. They need to be flat so water can’t run back down into the ferrule. Generally speaking, if you are spot cleaning your brushes regularly, you shold deep clean monthly. You’ll need to deep clean more often if you are not spot cleaning. Consider investing in Brush Guards, these not only protect your brushes whilst in your make up bag or whilst travelling, but they’ll also help your brushes retain their shape while drying,

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