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Carina Menzies Make Up Tips for Teens

7th July 2014

Carina Menzies Make Up Tips for Teens

When I was a teenager, I will admit that I did tend to go overboard when it came to my make up. The prospect of being old enough to play around with makeup made me feel so grown up and in control - although looking back, the results weren't always the most desirable. Hello frosted blue eye shadow!

Today, teen girls have access to so much information when it comes to their beauty routines and makeup possibilities. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my teen makeup tips and picks for all of EM's teenage fans out there!

My first tip for teen girls is to keep it simple. Opt for luscious (yet natural looking) colors that emphasize your blossoming features while remaining age appropriate. Trust me, you'll have plenty of time to rock a smokey eye and bold red lip in your twenties and thirties.

I love feminine shades of soft pink and peach for teen girls, which allows for a subtle touch of color without being over the top.

  • For cheeks, Peony Petal Blush is a nice shade that resembles a beachy pink coral. It's pretty and punchy - perfect for teens.
  • For eyes, Tell Me Why Eye Shadow is a neutral peach matte shade that can be easily paired with shadows you already own. It's dainty enough to be a lovely shade on it's own, too.
  • For lips, EM's tinted lip butters are ideal for teens who are looking for hydration with a sheen wash of color. How cute is the Spring Berries shade?

Truth be told, the teen years are not always the easiest on your skin. This is the time when blemishes, redness, and oily zones can sometimes rear their not-so-pretty heads. Thankfully, EM has a handful of products that can lessen these symptoms and contribute to a carefree, gorgeous complexion! The Mint Color Corrector is a product that I would especially recommend for all teens, as the subtle mint color neutralizes redness and can reduce the appearance of blemishes and broken capillaries. It's super hi-tech yet at the same time completely wearable and easy to incorporate into your morning routine. The Natural Rose Color Corrector Stick can reduce any dark circles (we've all pulled those all-nighters in high school!) or discolorations in a natural way.

Finally, for those long summer days spent with friends in the sun, the Calm & Collected Skin Tint is a safe way to achieve a hint of bronzed color - giving your skin a warm and radiant look.

My last tip is perhaps the most important - have fun! The teen years are a time of exploration and discovery, and although I definitely wouldn't try my frosted blue eyeshadow look again, I sure loved it at the time. Have fun with getting to know which makeup looks are your favorites, and be creative!

Xo, Carina

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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