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Bright Lips for Summer

28th May 2014

Bright Lips for Summer

This Summer celebrities are all over the bright lipstick look.

Whatever the finish or colour, this is one look that will keep you looking on trend as the weather warms up. Whatever finish you opt for, be it matte, shimmer, crème or stain, priming your lips and getting them perfectly ready is important as it’ll form the foundation to keep your lips moisturised, flake free and to keep the colour locked in place for as long as possible.

So start off by exfoliating your lips either with a specific product or with an old soft toothbrush. Next apply a balm and leave for a little while to soak in.

If your lipsticks are prone to bleeding at all, now’s the time to grab an Anti-Feathering Lip Liner. These clear pencils can also be used as a primer, but for anti-feathering purposes, you’ll need to outline your lips, just outside of the lip line (don’t worry, it’s clear). Start from the outer edges of your lips and work towards the centre of your lip on each side. This will form a border, preventing your bright lipstick from seeping into fine lines.

Whether you go for a red, coral, orange, hot pink, purple or any other bright, the key to getting the colour to stay for longer is to provide a base with a coordinating lip liner. Use a lip liner to outline your lips and then fill in the entire area with the pencil.

You can then go ahead and apply your chosen shade. When applying a bright or dark lipstick a lip brush is an incredibly useful tool, helping you to create precise crisp lines that just aren’t possible when applying lipstick straight from the bullet.

If you’re looking for extra drama, you can add lashings of gloss at this point clear will add shine alone, or you can add some depth of colour with a coordinating gloss.

If you’re wanting the colour but afraid to go too bold, you have two options. The first is to go for a lip stain, a sheer pop of colour that lasts. The second option is to blot your lipstick. Blotting helps with longevity but it also takes away some of the impact, perfect if you’re a little nervous of colour!

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