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Beauty Though the Ages

14th August 2015

Beauty Though the Ages

Beauty Through the Decades Part 1

We thought it’d be fun to take a look cosmetics through the decades, concentrating on the looks that defined the era. Starting with the 1920’s as this was a period of consumer growth, when make up trends for women really started to take off. We’ll highlight a key product to help you to create the look for yourself.

The 1920’s

When the 1920’s icon Coco Chanel appeared with a tan, foundations moved from the palest shades to more natural hues and tans. Eye make up was dark, black sooty kohl was worn liberally around the eye, but also popular, but not as common, were green shades on the eyelid. Natural looking cheeks were to be avoided, and blushers were worn in obvious circles on the cheeks in rose and orange shades. When it came to lipstick, the must have shade was red, a trend that is still with us today, but in the 1920’s the cupids bow was exaggerated, and lipstick was not applied to the corners of the mouth, rather starting someway in. Try Milani Supreme Kohl Kajal Eye Liner £4.50

The 1930’s

In the 1930’s foundation was generally a natural shade (your own skin tone), but heavily applied, for a beyond-perfect complexion. Eyebrows were high arched and incredibly thin. Eye makeup started to become more experimental, more colourful. Eye shadows started to be worn in blues, greens, purples and browns, while eye liner was subtle. For evenings, a darker shade was added to the crease to create depth. While eyes were getting more adventurous, cheeks became more subtle with the increasing popularity of powder blush which was applied over a larger area than previously. Lipstick was worn over the natural lips in a variety of shades, deep reds, browns and maroons were popular in the 1930’s. Try Neve Cosmetics Scurissimi Eye Palette £21.95

The 1940’s

Natural beauty took a step forward in the 1940’s, gone were the thin pencil brows and a new age of fuller, softer brows was born. Foundation was usually worn slightly darker, but with a pale powder on top and blusher was in rosy natural tones. Eye shadows were browns and greys with sparingly applied mascara and eye liner. It wasn’t all natural, red lips were back with a vengeance as popularised by the glamorous actresses of the era, such as Ingrid Bergman and Vivien Leigh. Try Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust £14.95

The 1950’s

Perfection and glamour were the bywords of the 1950’s thanks to colour cinema screens and popularity of actresses such as Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe. Foundation was worn somewhat thicker than we are used to today, aiming to mask and flaws and fine lines. Mascara and eye liner were applied in abundance for maximum glamour while eye shadows were smoky and shimmery. Lip liners were used to enhance the lips shape and then filled with cherry red lipstick. Try Daniel Sandler Luxury Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet £13.25

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