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Beauty New Year Resolutions

1st January 2017

Beauty New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!

When it comes to beauty, we here at Cocktail Cosmetics are not ones for rules, if you like it, we think should wear it, but what is a New Year without a few resolutions?

We don’t have many beauty must do’s but if you’re looking for resolutions to make, why not take on these beauty rules and try to keep them up throughout 2017? If it all seems too much, start small and just pick one or two. Your beauty routine will thank you for it!

Drink More Water

Science seems to be on the fence about whether or not drinking lots of water is good for your skin, but plenty of women out there swear water is the secret to their glowing complexions. Water fans claim their skin is plumper, which in turn means wrinkles and pores look less prominent and they are less prone to blemishes and dryness. We think you’ve nothing to lose from keeping well hydrated, so give a go!

Out With the Old

Do you have make up bags or drawers stacked with make up that last saw the light of day in 2006? Even worse, are you using make up you bought years ago? If so, make 2017 the year of starting afresh! You may not be aware but every cosmetic item has a use by date that should be marked on each product with a small symbol with a number. Old cosmetics can go off and harbour bacteria that could lead to infection so do yourself a favour, throw out the old, and get shopping, we’ve plenty to choose from!

Keep Brushes Clean

Admit it, how often do you really clean your makeup brushes? Six monthly? Yearly? Never? Like cosmetics, if you don’t keep your tools clean you’ll be spreading dirt and bacteria on your skin every time you apply your make up. Ideally, you should clean your brushes each time you use them, but we know that’s just not realistic for most people so if your skin is blemish and infection free, you can certain use a few times before cleaning. Ideally a spot clean every couple of weeks is good, followed by a monthly deep clean using a good gentle brush cleaning product and something such as the Practk Palmat, a cleaning tool really deep clean your brushes.

Stop Using Wipes

I think we all must know deep down, that face wipes are not a good substitute for properly cleansing your skin at the end of the day. They usually leave a residue on the skin, plus if they have alcohol as an ingredient, they’ll be drying you out too. Not to mention the environmental impact. Ditch the wipes and cleanse properly, your skin and the environment will thank you for it.

Start Wearing SPF Every Day

Don’t let UV rays age you prematurely, wear your SPF under your make up every single day, remember, prevention is better than cure. Look for at least SPF15, and if you simply can’t, then try to find skincare products and foundations that have a built in SPF, such as the Illuminare Moisturising Finish and Mattifying Ultimate All Day Foundation, both of which have an SPF of 20.

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