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About Face

26th December 2013

About Face

Many of us are in search of perfect skin and even some of those blessed with a flawless face feel the need to use base products from time to time to enhance or to cover up imperfections.

For those of use with less than perfect skin getting your base right will conceal blemishes and imperfections, control your shine, enhance your radiance and provide the perfect base for the rest of your make up.

In order to fake a flawless face, start with a primer. There are all sorts of primers on the market but the main purpose of a primer is to help your foundation stay put all day and to start disguising those blemishes. We love the NYX Cosmetics Studio Perfect Primers. There are several to choose from, clear for fine lines and large pores, lavender for brightening and illuminating and green to reduce redness. Any primer you do use should provide the perfect canvas for your next step, foundation. With so many foundations on the market it can be hard to know where to start. We’d recommend working out sort of finish you’d like to begin with. Radiant? Matte? Somewhere in between? And then have a think about the kind of coverage you’d like. Full? Medium? Light? And then finally decide which type of formula you’d prefer, be it a powder or a cream, or even these days, gel finishes.

Some of our favourites include the Lily Lolo Mineral foundation which comes in a great range of shades. It’s a loose powder foundation with SPF 15 that you buff into the skin with kabuki brush and the coverage can easily be cusomised. We also love the Illuminare Moisturizing (Fantastic Finish) mineral foundation which is a more dewy finish that moisturises and hydrates whilst giving you a lovely soft luminous finish.

Once you’ve chosen and applied your perfect base it’s time to get concealing those imperfections and blemishes. You want something that is full coverage, highly blendable and long wearing. Again, you can go with a mineral powder product or a cream product and it’ll come down entirely to your preference. Apply with a small precise concealer brush. The ecoTools Deluxe Concealer brush is excellent, the cruelty free synthetic bristles pick up just the right amount of product and place it where needed with ease.

Once you’ve perfected your base with your foundation and concealer you should set it with powder. Long gone are the days where women caked powder on their faces and powdered look was desirable, these days we want a powder that sets our make up imperceptibly. Unless we add a powder that gives a desire effect, such as adding glow, or mattifying, either way, we still want our powder to be barely there. Whichever you choose, pick a large fluffy brush and apply very sparingly. Apply far less than you think you need and if possible, just keep it to the t-zone,that is your forehead, nose and chin. It should keep the dreaded shine at bay and help that flawless face stay flawless all day.

Posted by: Cocktail Cosmetics

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